Thursday, February 4, 2016

Welcome to my e-portfolio

Professor, Heather Farmer

Welcome to my e-portfolio which was created to represent the six competencies for the MDDE program at Athabasca University. Before I began work on my Masters I was working as part-time faculty at Algonquin College teaching in a variety areas related to small business management and marketing. In 2007 I began a certificate in Teaching Adult Lifelong Learners (TALL) at Algonquin to gain more insight into the principles of teaching and learning.  I found that when I was done the certificate that I was left with more learning design questions than when I had begun. As a result I sought out a Masters of Education program that fit my needs and applied to Athabasca University in 2011 in order to learn more about the theory behind learning and teaching. Shortly thereafter I was hired to join the Curriculum Services team at Algonquin College. 
The goal of this portfolio is to select, reflect upon, and present five projects which demonstrate my proficiency in the six general competencies of the Masters of Education Program which includes:
  1. Problem Solving, Analysis, & Decision Making
  2. Instructional Design & Development
  3. Communication Technologies and Networking
  4. Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  5. Research
  6. Management, Organization and Leadership
       Looking back to review all of the assignments that I have completed over the last three years has definitely been a fulfilling experience. While it was a tough choice, it was necessary to narrow it down to 5 artifacts which would tell the story of my voyage through the program. To help me select assignments which represent a variety of skills within this portfolio I loosely applied the five stages of the ADDIE instructional system design model: Assess, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.  As a result the five Assignments presented in my portfolio are:
  • [603] Assignment #3 – Applying Systems Theory to an Educational Setting (28/30 A)
  • [605] Parts 1-3 of the Business Plan for an eLearning Department or Portal (23/25, 28/30, 32/35 A)
  • [604] Parts 1-3 of the Instructional Design Project online unit of instruction. (19/20, 8/10, 33/40 A-)
  • [650] Designing a Tutoring and Student Support System (40/40 A+)
  • [617] Assignment #3 Evaluation Plan with Standards/Criteria Specification(35/35 A+)
       To validate whether the specific competencies within each of the six general MDDE competencies of the program are sufficiently represented by my chosen artifacts, I created a grid which allowed me to map the assignments to the specific competencies. To view the competency mapping grid click to view attached.
       It has been a very exciting and insightful three years working through the coursework for my degree. I was certainly lucky to pursue these studies while working in a curriculum related role at my institution. This has provided me with opportunities to apply my learning within this program in many contexts including program development, implementation and evaluation. There is no doubt that I would not have had the opportunity to see or do nearly as many hands on applications of my assignments had I still been in just a part-time faculty position. This program has provided me both timely and relevant knowledge to help me to effectively grow into my position as a curriculum consultant and inspire an interest in further investigating active learning strategies in the online environment.  Once again I appreciate the opportunity to look back upon my accomplishments within this program, and I hope that you enjoy sharing in my reflections through my teaching portfolio.