Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vlogging - Video Blogs

I had spent 2003 - 2010 running my own import and wholesale business of cosmetics accessories called Elegant Faces.  In this role I had considered starting a regular Vlog for all of the tradeshows and events I either sponsored or sold at.  The vlog below is my second attempt of a video blog, once I learned more about editing video, working the sound tracks, and had purchased a wireless microphone to help improve the overall quality of the sound.

What did I learn making these?
  • Audio means a lot... A wireless Microphone, even a cheap one will do a lot for the quality of your video
  • The choppiness of the sound can be distracting, a single audio track over played over the various scenes will help to smooth things together.
  • Working with the timelines and tracks in a video editing suite is not so bad...  I purchased an inexpensive video editor from Corel called Videostudio Pro for $99 and it was able to do everything I needed.  It is a simple video, so I kept the software simple too.
  • Keep it short!!!  My first and second video seemed to go on and on and on...  I still think this one drags on somewhat, but it's still an improvement.  Next time I might keep it a bit shorter still and try to cut through the fashion shows with less of the runway and keep it to just the entrance or the approach to the head of the runway.


Overall the vlogs were quite a lot of fun, however it was also around this time that I was becoming more and more entrenched in the teaching side at the college.  It was not long after these few videos were created that I chose to hang up my entrepreneur hat and focus on teaching and doing makeup for weddings and video work instead of selling products.

If you interested, you can see my first video blog here.

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