Sunday, April 13, 2014

Training Manual Revision - Stila Cosmetics

Project Overview: 
In 2010/2011 I worked with ACI Brands as a Regional Manager representing the prestige cosmetics brand Stila in the Ottawa region.  We were given manuals for training for the brand that created more questions than it answered.  Mentioning several features with out benefits, ingredients that were treated like benefits, and a lack of clarity when it came to numbers of shades, why use one product over another and how each product should be sold.

As a result I approached the director of Prestige Cosmetics sales for our distribution company to see if there may be a budget for the redevelopment of the manual. She was able to acquire a reasonable and fair budget, and with this I was given the role of project lead on the redevelopment of the training manual.

Revisions included:
  • An over all visual makeover (designed by myself, following Stila Cosmetics US visual guidelines.
  • The addition of SKU #’s and # of shades
  • Cross selling suggestions
  • Features and Benefits for each product
  • The addition of Product Segment Summary Sheets in order to differentiate between various products in a given category.

Before                                         After

What I gained from the experience:

  • Working with teams and various stakeholders to determine content needs.
  • Meeting the needs of the Director of Sales, while maintaining Visual Guidelines and providing necessary product information for sales representatives.
  • Advanced Word Processing skills in the design of the actual manual
  • Providing Summary/Comparison charts in order to allow for users to easily determine the difference between various products.

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