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Selecting and Integrating Technology

In MDDE610 we were asked to review the various tools and technologies discussed in the course in order to select appropriate technology for integrating into a learning module.  

OverviewIn 2011 Milazzo Cosmetics LLP located in Tampa, Florida began distributing their products in Japan through the Japanese cosmetic and beauty retail chain The Radiant Group. As a result a comprehensive training program was developed in order to educate the Radiant Group marketing team in preparation for the sale of this new line of Mineral Makeup in Japan.  The two and a half days of workshops incorporated a mixture of demonstration and learn by doing activities in order to expose participants to the full line of collections, skincare and bases, as well as to allow for participants to practice using this unique type of makeup.  The training culminated in a practical exam where models were brought in to allow the marketing representatives who are also makeup artists.

In order to improve reach I opted to revise the face-to-face weekend training workshop into 7 distance education training modules.  The training is a three day intensive workshop for a cosmetic brand, which includes practical hands on activities and a culminating practicum.

The Opportunity The costs and logistics involved in delivering the face-to-face training sessions across the country are quite expensive and involved. Brands are not only responsible for hiring and retaining product trainers, they also need to: fly trainers to several cities, pay for hotels, as well as the food and product samples for the participants. If these costs could be reduced, funds could be diverted to the online initiative, as well as an increase in product samples and shipping.  Ultimately, the gifts could also possibly be larger and the gift could include pamphlet that encourages participants to visit the training website. The level of engagement via online courses could influence the size of future product gift sets; as a result this reward system could improve online participation and engagement and could likely lead to greater sales.

As a result the key objectives of this distance learning module are to address is the need to:
1.     Increase efficiency and reach
2.     Improve learner experience.
3.     Reduce costs (to both the brands and the stores)

Proposal The proposed course delivery is through the Canvas LMS system.  The sessions will include seven learning modules: The Brand Overview, Blush, Bronzer and Contouring, Eyes, Lips, Nails, Hair and a Final Portfolio. The seven modules will be delivered on a regular basis throughout the calendar year to help connect with new employees. These will be paired with Synchronous sessions through the use on an OER tool called Big Blue Button. Promotional deals and new product launches can also be offered as webcasts which can be recorded and made available at a future date. Lastly learners will be encouraged to develop a makeup portfolio. Within the portfolio they would collect examples of their abilities with makeup, and have something to show for their learning.  Each module is capped off with a 5-10 minute “check-in” with an online facilitator for whom learners demonstrate something from each module for an evaluator to observe. This can also be completed with Big Blue Button.

The Learning Strategy will include a number of “learn by doing” type activities where they mimic the skills and techniques being demonstrated by the facilitator or video. The learning modules would follow strategies for psychomotor learning as detailed by Smith and Ragan. Psychomotor skills can be defined as “tasks that involve learning a new muscular movement” (Smith & Ragan, 2005). In this case, applying a powder to the eyes with one set of movements the result is a sheer eye shadow, and with another tool and movement the same powder is eyeliner.


If you are interested in reviewing the the papers that were submitted in relation to this assignment:

  • Description of a course - The description of a course that could be improved using technology
  • SECTIONS Analysis - A review of technology discussed in this course
  • DD Course Proposal - A proposal for the revision of a course to include technology in order to deliver it at a distance.

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