Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pinterest - Selecting, curating & organizing

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, not only does it allow for me to revisit websites for things that I have found in the past but it keeps a visual collection that is almost nicer to look at...  I have used other social book marking websites such as however there is something almost more satisfying about the visual aesthetic of Pinterest.

And the web has evolved to accommodate that...

Websites almost inevitably have a banner or 2"x2" image which has a title for that page.
 Making it easier for someone to pin it to one of their boards. This way it isn't just a photo of a person smiling that we need to recognize to bring us to the page, but a title card which clearly details what lay behind that link. Very popular are recipes, decor tips, sewing patterns, and consumable articles such as clothing, house wares, decor, vehicles etc...

Essentially one need only to pin the image of what they like to a "board" which is the container for the collection, and they are now curating their very own collection.

For myself, I like to Crochet... so I have a board of things I would like to make when I find time after my masters to pick up a crochet hook once again. What I have curated is a board called Crochet Crochet and more Crochet which is list of "inspirations" and "items I wish to make"...

I have made a second board called Things I've Made which includes images of items I have completed.

For example there is the crochet flower that I found online.  The image on the left is the original, the image on the right is what I made:

Or the scarf that I liked so much that I even tried to match the colour on it:


Pinterest is also a great place to store those education related infographics that come in useful from time to time!  I can also keep a reminder for various conferences by  simply pinning their logo or banner. 


Groups of users can also contribute to the same board.  This group can provide the group a space for brainstorming, inspirations and can also collect feedback from the greater Pinterest population. 

I had once pinned two separate hats within a few minutes of each other and waited to see which style of hat received the most likes and pins.  One style clearly received more attention than the other.  Which helped me determine which style to make more of for sale over the holiday season!

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