Sunday, April 13, 2014

CAI: Learning to make Vietnamese Slow Drip Coffee

The other day I was chatting on Facebook and a friend mentioned the amount of coffee consumed in the preparation of their Doctoral Thesis.  I had agreed that my Masters was fueled by coffee and how remarkable it was that I had yet to do an assignment on the topic of coffee.

I am here today to remedy this...

Video 1: Part A - What I set out to learn, and what I found out.

Video 2: Part B - A demonstration of what I learned.

What I learned from the Blog and Video links:

  • I needed to use 3 heaping teaspoons of coffee
  • I should use the disk to pack the coffee down more before pouring in the water
  • I should also pour a small amount of water and let that soak and pack it in again to ensure that the drip is extra slow.
  • To make it an "Americano" I should add approximately the same amount of water again on top of the slow drip coffee in the mug.
  • If the coffee is still "strong" I can water it down a bit more and it cuts the sharpness. (this happened after the video!)


Vietnamese Coffee: by Craig Haller 

How to Brew Vietnamese Coffee: By Len Brault 

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