Sunday, March 30, 2014

Open Courseware

Before I began with the MEd at Athabasca, I decided it might be a good idea to take an Intro to Psychology course. Since I wasn't exposed to this in my undergrad, and I did not take an BEd, I felt it would be something that would inform some of the theories and concepts that I would be exposed to in education.

I went to the MIT Open Courseware site to see what I could find and located an Introduction to Psychology course in their catalog. The course is 22 audio lectures, along with notes and readings. The courses were incredibly useful especially when I got to MDDE603 Foundations of Instructional Design, I think if I hadn't heard about Skinner and Behaviourism and several of the other concepts presented in the Psychology course, the readings would have been that much denser to read!

It is a great course, and well worth the listen. I would highly recommend it as a supplement for anyone entering into the MDDE program at Athabasca with out an Intro Psyche course.

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